The Sales Enablement Society was signed into existence ~seven years ago. Where were YOU back then? Were you one of the ~100 SES Fore-founders holding the pens? If so, I would like to know!

A few weeks ago I posed the question “WHY is Sales Enablement?” In search of answers I began by traveling back in time to the founding of the SES itself – the week before thanksgiving 2016 in Palm Beach.

And earlier today, a Sales Enablement mentor of mine issued me a challenge to find:

To do a little primary research and take a deeper dive into the resulting data:
🟣 What level / function was their role?
🟣 What was their scope / span of control?
🟣 Why did they make the trip to Palm Beach …what did they SEE in SE?
🟣 Would they do it all again?
🟣 What has changed since then?

I have put in the comments a few of the Fore-founders who I *think* I know …but it may just not be so!

If you were there, or know someone who was, please comment below or DM me directly.

Your support of my SES “treasource hunt” — to quench my curiosity, sure, but MUCH more importantly to inform and elevate the conversation with the global Enablement community — is MUCH appreciated! I commit to keeping you updated in kind as the story continues.



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Originally posted on LinkedIN 8.15.23