• A Culture of Curiosity – Status quo is to be questioned, and all questions are welcomed in pursuit of innovation.
  • A Commitment to Engagement – A community in which to contribute, not just consume.
  • Banish the Bias to “Be Right” – Recognize that bias is at the core of our human condition and call it out …and then collaborate to GET IT RIGHT together. 
  • We Welcome All Humans – We ALL have one thing 100% in common. We are fellow human passengers in the “Planet Earth Experience.” We maintain an environment that is inclusive of all commercial domains (executive office / management, sales, marketing, revenue, operations, finance, HR, etc.) and of all humans (gender, race, orientation, etc.). Seek to understand dissimilarity, and convert it into strength.
  • Take The Leap Courageously – Step out of the safety your cave – your comfort zone. Learn by DOING.  Be HEROic. Take decisive action, without worry of mistakes.
  • Practice Patience, Seek Solutions – We must start slow and build a foundation in order to go fast.  Inspect your intensity. If you become overly frustrated or have a complaint, please share ideas for a solution or three and then we can collaborate and conquer them as a community.
  • Lead With YOU – Contributing in full authenticity as an individual is the foundation for legitimacy as a community.  Lead with YOU.  Champion YOUR unique viewpoint. Share from the experiences of YOUR distinct story as we write new scripts in enablement society together. 

NOTE: Orchestrate Sales is rooted in the SAME principles established by the founders of the global Sales Enablement Society as the foundation of the SES, which launched with overwhelming success…

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