ISEs3 Episode 11: Bob Perkins, Founder AAISP(now Emblaze)

ISEs3 Episode 11: Bob Perkins, Founder AAISP(now Emblaze)

On ISEs3 Episode 11, I am joined by my new friend Bob Perkins, the Founder AAISP, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (now Emblaze) in the Orchestrate Sales Studios on the eve of the hashtagdigitalnow conference in Chicagoland next week (including a special promo code if you have not yet RSVP’d!)

We begin with his origins in telesales to Inside Sales to forming the AAISP. And from where he first crossed paths with hashtagSalesEnablement in the journey to modern day where Emblaze is partnering with the Revenue Enablement Society for track next week.

Highlights from the episode include…
⌛️ Bob was on the first ever Inside sales implementation of Siebel. “We used to pull out a stopwatch and time how long it would take to pull up a customer record.”
⌛️ Bob and Larry Reeves held the first AAISP conference for 50 people in Minneapolis in 2009 using a sound system borrowed from Bob’s church.
⌛️ By year two they had 200 and started getting calls from places like Japan, Afghanistan, France begging to start a chapter in their location.
⌛️ The explosion of Inside Sales created a need to scale the training of less experienced reps. Which created demand for Sales Enablement.
⌛️ Bob reflects on how Jill Rowley “The EloQueen” ushered the social selling mix onto the sales scene.
⌛️ In Bob’s early experience the SES he talked with Scott Santucci about the similarities and differences between the two organizations.

💼 Sales is improving and growing with technology and with that growth there’s need for training. Witness colleges that now have sales programs.
(Can I get an AMEN, Dr. Howard Dover Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D., Stefanie Boyer, PhD💧?)
💼 A behind the curtain look at the continuing evolution of the AAISP into Emblaze as Bob continues his transition from founder-operator to executive board member.
💼 Great salespeople make it about the other person. What does that mean? Empathy. Caring. Attention. Listening more than you’re speaking. Those are the traits that winning sales reps carry. (shoutouts to Steve Richard and Dale Dupree)

🤖 The future of sales is being Amazonized. “We all know what Amazon is. It’s everything. It’s point and click, order, return, customer service, pricing, availability, everything at your fingertips, and sales is moving in that direction.”
🤖 Leaders continue to need development. We should not lose an emphasis on enabling sales / revenue *LEADERS.*
🤖 What is the future of the AAISP in it’s new incarnation as Emblaze? Where is “inside sales” headed? “We need to treat this profession like it’s one of the most critical professions in the world.”
🤖 Is AI friend or foe? What might be possible if AI enables sales to fully tap into their unconscious competence?

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ISEs3 Episode 11: Bob Perkins, Founder AAISP(now Emblaze)
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