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Orchestrator Flavors

The weekend before Thanksgiving 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida a congress of around 100 sales enablement professionals participated in “The Birth of the Sales Enablement Society” and signed into existence the core doctrine for the global SES, which was rebranded in October of 2023 as the Revenue Enablement Society.

Their Founding Position #1: Sales Enablement Leaders do not see themselves as having a defined role, so in order to grow as a community and elevate the function, they identified four “Flavors of Sales Enablement.”

Enablement History - Founding SES Position 1

Today, businesses need to bring together the right mix of capabilities across their entire company to deliver the value-based results customer expect. 

This will only happen through Orchestration across each of these functional “flavors.”

Are you an Orchestrator?

In our continuing research, we’ve found that Sales and Revenue Enablement practitioners exhibit specific traits / attributes and fall into one of six categories across the Enablement Landscape: Response, Talent, Message, Organizational, Pipeline, and Commercial Enablement.

Response Enablement

The vast majority of Sales Enablement practitioners today haven’t evolved their function and remain in the status quo with a tendency to be…

  • …focused on “fixing” salespeople to “do what they’re supposed to do.”
  • …stuck on increasing sales activities rather than eliciting customers / prospects to take action.
  • …short on turn-key services that sales leaders support and understand. 
  • …lacking co-accountability for sales results. 
  • …coordinating projects to “do to sales” rather than empowering sales superheroes with what they need to shine.  

There are many organizations, vendors, and programs aligned to response enablement.

You will not find that focus here at OrchestrateSales.comWe focus solely on supporting those who have chosen the Sales Enablement road less traveled.

Orchestrate Sales was established to support Enablement Orchestrators in building out the “business-within-a-business” of their Enablement Domain of focus:

Talent Enablement

  • This domain orchestrates among: HR, Sales, and Finance.
  • Customer Lifecycle Focus: “From hire to retire.” An end-to-end business process that cuts across silos and elevates the employee lifecycle.
  • Mission: Streamlining talent lifecycle across hiring, onboarding, coaching, development, and evaluation.

Message Enablement

  • This domain orchestrates among: Product, Marketing, and Sales
  • Customer Lifecycle Focus: “From concept to contact.”
  • Mission: Organizing the company’s various capabilities into value stories to be easily consumed by sales and customers.

Pipeline Enablement

  • This domain orchestrates among: MarketingFinance, and Sales.
  • Customer Lifecycle Focus: “From contact to contract.”
  • Mission: They develop integrated programs to advance opportunities throughout the pipeline stages effectively.

Organizational Enablement

  • This domain orchestrates among: systems, compliance, and business processes.
  • Customer Lifecycle Focus: The entire lifecycle with an emphasis on going from “contract to revenue.” 
  • Mission: To simplify and improve “a day in the life of…” making the overall environment easier to navigate and redesigning the complexity out of internal policies and procedures to make them more pragmatic.

Commercial Enablement

  • This domain orchestrates among: The entire cross-functional company core.
  • Focus: The entire Customer Lifecycle.
  • Mission: These are the Orchestrators that truly break the glass ceiling and elevate Sales Enablement, informing a go-to-customer value strategy and providing management full transparency into the efficacy and momentum of the commercial engine.
Which of the “flavors” or, possibly better said which “domain” of Sales Enablement most resonates with you?
talent enablement

Sales Talent Management
  • WHO: Human Resources / L&D and Sales
  • WHAT: Hiring, Onboarding, Training, Readiness
  • WHEN: Hire to retire

Find out more about Talent Enablement

Sales Messaging
  • WHO: Marketing and Sales
  • WHATContent, Personas Messaging, Buyers journey
  • WHEN: From concept to customer contact

Find out more about Message Enablement

pipeline enablement
Demand Management
  • WHO: Groups within Marketing, Ops, HR, Sales
  • WHAT: Leads, Improve win rate, Opportunity management, Presentations
  • WHEN: From customer contact to contract

Find out more about Pipeline Enablement

Sales Administration
  • WHO: Finance, Legal, Sales Ops, and Sales
  • WHAT: Reporting, Legal review, Quoting systems, Policies
  • WHEN: From customer contract to revenue

Find out more about Organizational Enablement

  • WHO: The entire cross-functional company core
  • WHAT: These are the Orchestrators that truly break the glass ceiling and elevate Sales Enablement, informing a go-to-customer value strategy and providing management full transparency into the efficacy and momentum of the commercial engine.
  • WHEN: The entire Customer Lifecycle.
Find out more about Commercial Enablement.



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