ISEs3 Ep9 – Dr. Brian Lambert, Part 1

ISE Season 3 - Enablement History with Erich Starrett

Episode 9 of the ISEs3 Podcast arrives! Part one of welcoming Dr. Brian Lambert, co-founder of OSC, SES, and co-host of Inside Sales Enablement seasons one and two, back into the Orchestrate Sales Studios! A treat to have the epitome of past, present, and future enablement (AND OS.c!) back on property.

And yes, of course he was there with Scott Santucci at the original Sales / Revenue Enablement Society founding as one of the ~hundred fore-founders I’m on a mission to interview over time.

And BOY has SE grown! Brian’s Google search on SalesEnablement back in 2008 landed only a hundred hits. He did it again in the pre show and …how about six million!

Brian architected an early “PhD in Sales” building on an organizational behavior degree with an emphasis on sales in his dissertation, and multiple publications in academic journals. Having also been cited over 200 times he may just be on Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D. and Dr. Howard Dover‘s heels.

He’s been a salesperson with a quota. He’s been a sales manager with a team. He’s been a sales enablement manager with a team of ~20. And most recently he took on the role of Big Data Value Architect at Elastic, where he is in a marketing messaging role, messaging enablement.

Highlights from the first part of our interview:

⌛️ Brian’s reaction when he first heard the word “Enablement.” (hint: it wasn’t positive)
⌛️ Brian first crossed paths with Scott at a conference an heard him speak about his blueprint. That’s where he originally heard Scott share the vision of value architects, communicating value and being orchestrators.
⌛️ Working with Scott at Forrester to sell “this Enablement thing.” That people *were* confronting the status quo. Breaking down the silo walls among sales training, marketing, ops, and other functions.

⌛️ Since corporate silos were born of the industrial revolution, why are they still such a massive challenge in a hyper connected digital world where technically silos shouldn’t matter?
⌛️ What does it mean to be an Orchestrator? Why is it important?
⌛️ What if Enablement is not the right home for orchestration?
⌛️ Of the “flavors of Enablement” penned at the SES founding, what % of each flavor would most who identify as Sales / Revenue enablement be…
💰Pipeline Enablement?
📝 Message Enablement?
👥 Organizational Enablement?
🎓 Talent Enablement?

⌛️ Will Sales Enablement will ever become the vision that the SES founders had of a cross-functional strategic function?
⌛️ Accountability is not prevalent in most Enablement, or marketing, or operations. Salespeople are the ones that get fired. When will there be more accountability for the support team?
⌛️ Was the opportunity Covid presented by accelerating a move to digital economy one that has been missed or is there still a hero’s call to adventure for enablement?

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