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On a continued mission to elevate the Enablement profession, Erich enlisted with Showpad in January of 2021. His assignment: to build out Showpad’s Global Advisory Services offering as North American Lead. As a practitioner for decades across a variety of related roles, Erich most recently served as an Executive Enablement Consultant and as Orchestrator-in-chief of – where he was empowered to identify Earth’s elite enablers & shepherd seemingly unsolvable revenue enablement quandaries in the appropriate think tank. Erich is a passionate supporter of the Sales Enablement Society (and currently serving as President of the Atlanta, Georgia Chapter USA). In his “spare time” Erich’s hobby is the elevation of the profession, which led him to the pro bono post as the “Orchestrator-in-chief” of – the global home for the #Orchestrator experience. Erich curated content, initially seeded with contributions from “the founding father of the Sales Enablement profession” and of the global Sales Enablement Society, Scott Santucci and trailblazer Brian Lambert including their “Inside: Sales Enablement” podcast, as well as Scott’s “Commerical Enablement Webinar Series” based on their combined post-Covid research results informing the future of Sales Enablement. Erich sees simplicity as his superpower, random acts of Sales Enablement as Kryptonite, and embracing complexity as the secret sauce.