Emblaze #DigitalNow24 Revenue Summit – Back to Revenue Update

Emblaze #DigitalNow24 Revenue Summit – Back to Revenue Update

I hopped into the Emblaze #DigitalNow24 Revenue Summit Delorean this week (okay, okay, that was Christina Brady and Amanda D.) and went “Back to Revenue Growth” with a heavy emphasis on the present and future of AI / technology and how data science backed approaches can power #RevenueEnablement opportunities to optimize the #RevenueEngine. In Flux-Capacitor-level leaps and bounds to boot!

In fact I finally had the parallel opportunity to MEET *THE* Bob Perkins – *founding father* of the AAISP, current Exec board member of Emblaze, and my podcast guest on episode 11 of ISEs3, face-to-face. Priceless! Legendary.

Emblaze boldly promised “revenue insights that ignite” and did NOT disappoint. I’m 🧠en🔥fuego with a head full of seemingly centuries worth of distilled first-hand wisdom direct from the source(s) that I will be unpacking (and following up with) for days if not weeks. Not to mention the insights in perpetuity as a member of the global Emblaze community!

Exceeded all expectations with insights and case studies (more to share soon as I have an opportunity to go back through my notes and synthesize) and incredible (new and re-newed) connections – Danny Wasserman💡 Hang Black Phil Putnam Gail Behun Christopher Kingman M.S. Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D. Stefanie Boyer, PhD💧Dr. Howard Dover Alex Zikakis Amit Bendov Annie Lizenbergs to name a scant (I hit the limit!) few – I’m Linking at you!

Could not have greater pride to be on the exec boards of BOTH the ATL Emblaze (Brad Elrod Ben Simms Hannah Pencek Anastasia Kaigler Julia Bourne) AND the ATL Revenue Enablement Society. Both worlds have intertwined officially at a global digital revenue event. In digital sales + revenue enablement history I believe we just experienced a pivotal moment.

HUGE THANK YOU and CONGRATS on a GREAT event and growing Emblaze community Tim Riesterer Ashley A. Gagliano Kristen Abbas Amanda Devlugt Kameron Hobbs Jaclyn Sarandrea, and to my Corporate Visions friends and family specifically Kelly DeLuca Nattalie Hoch Mike Finley Jennifer Young Robert Trube Bob Fuhr Brian Shea Janet Gerhard Paul George Jim Druckrey Rob Perrilleon Doug Hutton  Nick Siddoway Mike Brose …and welcome aboard Emily DiMiceli!!!

…and that’s just the “social post!”

Emblaze #DigitalNow24 Revenue Summit – Back to Revenue Update
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