Coming soon: OSC’s ISE Season 3 – Enablement History

ISE Season 3 - Enablement History with Erich Starrett

HAPPY Semi-belated 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Sales Enablement Society! I had the opportunity to hang with SES Founder, Scott Santucci, who is also widely regarded as the founder of the profession, at Orchestrate Sales over the weekend.


We celebrated by taking a step back in time and building an anniversary gift together: the kickoff Episodes of Inside Sales Enablement Season 3: Enablement History.


Yep! That’s right. The #1 Sales Enablement Podcast is BACK to put a cap on an era, and take a look back at the past, present and future of Sales Enablement with key special guests that played a part in the organized effort to elevate the profession.


With the Sales Enablement Society Executive Board’s announcement of the shift to becoming the Revenue Enablement Society at the SES Experience 2023 in San Diego in early October, we have the end of an era. The SES Lion may have been retired, but there are MANY lessons still to be learned.


In celebration of the Sales Enablement Society’s founding meeting in Palm Beach, Florida seven years ago – the week of November 16-19, 2016 – Scott and I got together to unveil the very beginnings. From meetups in D.C. area bars to white boards in board rooms to taking the leap (with a double-dog dare) from coast to coast to global conferences.


A few questions to ponder as our crew hits the editing room to bring the new episodes to you…

🦁Did you know that one of (if not THE) the most successful volunteer led organically grown global organizations was founded upon three simple positions? 

🦁🦁And if you carry an Enablement title …do you even know them?

🦁Was Sales *Enablement* the first choice, or were there a few left marked through on the Forrester whiteboard?

🦁What HEROic role did the four days of Scott and Brian Lambert‘s Forrester Sales Enablement Conferences play?

🦁Would the Sales Enablement Society have even become a thing if Jill Rowley didn’t engage a cynical Scott in a Social Media challenge centered around Tiffani Bova, with a few extra nudges from across the pond thanks to Tamara Schenk?

🦁 The significance of Lisa Pintner not just letting Scott sulk in a corner at the happy hour?

🦁 How do you create a forum that fosters creative conflict and to challenge each other in a positive way?

🦁 What was the role of vendors including Corporate Visions (@Jody Kavanaugh and Tim Riesterer,) SAVO Group (now part of Seismic) and @iCentera (Craig Nelson)?

🦁 What came into reality of the intersections of Sheevaun Thatcher, CPC, Jill Guardia (she/her), and Daniel West introducing Scott to @Jim Ninivaggi?

🦁🦁 …with involvement of key players like Walter Pollard, Carol Sustala, Mike Kunkle, Lee Levitt)

🦁 How long did it take Rahul Gupta to come up with the SES Lion brand marketing package and approach?


And THOSE questions don’t even yet have us to the Palm Beach MEETING!


Episode 1 Part 1 coming soon. We welcome you to dust off the ISE archive at and subscribe in the interim! πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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