Covid Has Exposed Confusion In Your Commercial System:- 5 Reasons


Do you know Covid Has Exposed Confusion In Your Commercial System

The pipeline is the lifeblood of your company. If you are like most other B2B companies, you don’t get nearly enough results for the money you spend.

Here some of the main reasons.

Main five Reasons of how Covid Has Exposed Confusion In Your Commercial System

1) Your process is designed to focus on activities you do and not benefits your customers receive.

2) You have a lot of cooks in the kitchen, each trying to hold each other accountable.

3) When you make investments in modernizing parts of the process, you bolt it on to old systems and processes.

4) You focus too much on the top or inspecting the bottom, but most of your holes are in the middle.

5) There are so many groups that want readouts (product teams, finance, executive teams, etc.) too much focus is on reporting, and not enough emphasis is on results.

Bottom line: COVID has exposed that your current approach to building and managing your sales pipeline is out of date, too expensive, and highly ineffective. As you repopulate your pipeline with opportunities, rebuild your system.

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