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Explore the dynamic world of elite B2B sales enablement professionals who support complex solution sellers and run sales enablement as a strategic function as the C-Suite. Discover winning mindsets, strategies, and executable insights you need to be successful in elevating your role and function.

sales enablement

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real stories, real results

98% of podcasts are the same format. Interview a guest to get their tips and tricks. Get it done in 30-minutes or less. Keep it organic, check the box, keep moving.

We tackle real challenges.  We take on the issues that help you win and get you promoted.

Inside: Sales Enablement is the only podcast for sales enablement orchestrators looking to elevate their function, expand their sphere of influence, and increase the span of control within their companies.

It’s for those looking to understand the executive expectations, strategic imperatives, and tactical requirements of doing things right.



Our story

About the show

Scott Santucci & Brian Lambert leverage their experiences as analysts, practitioners, and consultants to share the strategies, practices, and habits of leading sales enablement departments.

Collectively the guys have worked on over 100 different sales enablement initiatives across different industries and different size organizations.

Given that, the guys have conversations about real-life scenarios and bring to life the situations they’ve encountered in order to provide you the insights gained by those who have actually done the job.

Listen to the #1 source of information dedicated to helping sales enablement practitioners anticipate and navigate obstacles to their success.

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