#Orchestrators: Connect the Dots to Enable a Cohesive Commercial Experience

Sales Enablement Orchestrator

Orchestrators: Connect the Dots to Enable a Cohesive Commercial Experience for Customers @ SES w/Santucci

I’m looking forward to participating with everyone at the 4th annual Sales Enablement Experience.

I will be involved in two sessions.

1) Panel: Meeting current needs while planning for the future. 10/27 1:50 – 3:00pm 

Moderated by Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D. featuring Tamara SchenkJim Dickie, and myself.

2) Expert Pod: Founders Room 10/28 4:15 to 5:00 pm

We will have an engaging session about “orchestration.” Based on exclusive post-covid research about how people are working differently and where the puck is going, we will work together (presenters and you, the audience) to make concepts like “enablement” and “orchestration” more concrete for executives.

read about sales enablement

I will be joined in my session by other people behind the growth of “the Society” like Jen Burns, @walterbrandfuzion-com and @brian_lambert to help apply lessons learned from building the SES to practical, real-world application.  

Stay tuned for more information about our session as we’re working to balance the 45 min slot with interactivity with practicality.

It’s specifically designed for #salesenablement leaders looking to elevate their role; it’s less for people who are getting started.

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