ISEs3 Ep2: Scott Santucci – The birth of the SES

ISEs3 Ep1: Scott Santucci – Before the Sales Enablement Society
A new episode of Inside Sales Enablement (ISE) Season 3 has arrived! ISEs3 is focused on Enablement History. And timed perfectly as we just celebrated the seventh anniversary of the official signing of the Sales Enablement Society into reality by the ~100 SES Fore-founders in Palm Beach, November of 2016.

Please join me on the time travelin’ journey at the Orchestrate Sales “Property” as we revisit the wisdom of the treasures therein as well as from the global Enablement community. As a self-professed Sales Enablement history nerd with a passion for the continued elevation of the profession I have invested in OSC as “the Sales Enablement Smithsonian” and an opportunity to serve YOU in elevating your enablement game too.

We began ISEs3 with a focus on “Before the SES …and how it almost didn’t exist” with SPECIAL GUEST SES (now RES – Revenue Enablement Society) Founding Father Scott Santucci

And part two of that interview – the birth of the SES – is now live!

Scott rejoins me in the Orchestrate Sales studios as we land in Palm Beach in November of 2016, alongside the ~100 fore-founders from around the globe who, following the Declaration of Independence as a design point, collaborated, cultivated, and “ratified” three founding positions:
1 – To promote and elevate the role with the destination to be executive of sales productivity.
2 – To align with four primary points of friction in the sales system: between human resources and sales; marketing and sales; administration and sales; and finance and sales.
3 – To address this friction by building cross-functional competency: orchestrating the enablement function as a business within a business.

The episode is packed with pivotal moments in Enablement history including:
> How Bob Britton
‘s “land of misfit toys” hit the bull’s-eye
> Jen Burns playing an unexpected but pivotal role as “bad cop”
> The positive impact of Christopher Kingman M.S.‘s “but what about millennials?” outburst
> Sheevaun Thatcher, CPC pointing out of the park and saying “that’s going to be ME!”

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ISEs3 Ep1: Scott Santucci – Before the Sales Enablement Society
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