The Revenue Enablement Society Partners with Emblaze

The Revenue Enablement Society Partners with Emblaze

Dover, Delaware: – February 7, 2024 – Collaboration breeds #evolution. No member community stands alone, especially when it comes to Revenue Enablement professionals and Sales Leaders. Emblaze, formerly AA-ISP, has championed the digital-first sales leadership community for over 13 years. Their global network of premier professionals witnessed challenges met best with strategic Revenue Enablement.
As the Revenue Enablement landscape evolves, RES has observed a concerning trend: a disconnect between Revenue Enablement professionals and sales leadership. This gap has diminished the perceived value of enablement roles, causing some companies to discard enablement altogether. Bringing RES and Emblaze together bridges this gap, empowering sales leaders to maximize ROI from enablement teams while enabling Revenue Enablement professionals to deliver expected outcomes. “Revenue Enablement professionals need to ‘speak CRO’ to showcase our role as catalysts for bottom-line initiatives,” emphasizes RES President Gail Behun. “It’s crucial to sit shoulder-toshoulder with revenue leaders to empower skills, tools, and behavioral changes driving powerful outcomes.” “This event provides enablement professionals a fantastic advantage because you get to see hundreds of sales leaders from hundreds of companies discussing the challenges and opportunities they face—and hear them sharing their experiences with each other,” added Kristen Abbas, Executive Director of Emblaze. “When I speak to sales leaders at the Emblaze DigitalNow conference, their challenges are enablement challenges” says RES Board Member Chris Kingman of TransUnion. RES is collaborating closely with Emblaze to curate enablement tracks at the upcoming DigitalNow Revenue Summit, April 2-4 in Chicago, IL. Esteemed speakers from the RES community will showcase how strategic enablement yields powerful outcomes. Members can expect a special promotion code for discounted attendance, courtesy of RES. About Revenue Enablement Society Empowering enablement professionals worldwide, the Revenue Enablement Society (RES) is the leading nonprofit organization, fostering engagement, learning, and navigation of the dynamic revenue enablement landscape. With a commitment to individual and collective growth since 2016, RES offers an essential platform, delivering unparalleled resources and global networking opportunities to a supportive community of over 11,000 members across 50 countries. About Emblaze
Emblaze is a global insights, advice, and intelligence community focused on empowering revenue professionals with data-driven content, tools, education, and solutions. Formerly known as the AAISP, Emblaze is committed to delivering insights that ignite growth and success for its members and their companies.

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