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In today’s business landscape, much of the underlying core beliefs and skills that drive behaviors of the various people involved in the commercial process are not aligned to executing more customer intimate business strategies. As a result, creating a sales ready message becomes more difficult, because that message must come from a variety of different internal teams like product, sales, and marketing.

The commercial process is both a transfer of knowledge and a transfer of passion to buyers over a specific time to win deals. That transfer relies heavily on people who must perform various intelligent and adaptive tasks to match the proper information configuration to each buy-team stakeholder.

To accomplish quota, salespeople must engage in a sales process to help you sort out the prospects, targeted prospects, and future customers. There are entire sales books written on how to accomplish this. However, it’s safe to say the job of today’s salespeople hasn’t changed in terms of steps. What HAS changed is what information to exchange within those steps.

Often, sales professionals can up-sell or cross-sell to existing clients based on the success of the post-transaction experience. Each of these steps will require a deep understanding for salespeople to be the best they can be at delivering a sales ready message. It’s not easy, but even entry-level salespeople can get there if they have the proper support.

What sales ready message?

For starters, salespeople need to have the right sales message for the correct type of prospect at the right “altitude level” in the prospect’s organization. Then, salespeople need help to synchronize to their buyer’s wants and needs and help them make their decision. To do this, salespeople usually have a process they follow, and they can apply skills. What’s often missing? The message. Namely, “what do I say,” and “when do I say it?”

The message enablement program that enablement leaders provide is less about the document and more about the service they provide to simplify what salespeople can connect. Enablement leaders who build enabling programs that bridge the gap between strategy and tactics can identify the best content and messages for salespeople to deliver to prospects. There are several deliverables that enablement leaders will want to create, but the challenge is more related to the words or the content itself.

Sales Ready Message

A great sales ready message enablement program helps salespeople gain clarity about the company’s capabilities and help translate those capabilities into impacts for prospects and customers. Also, salespeople will need to drive transparency and cohesion across groups in the customer’s organization. To do that, they will have to convey some economic value to the buyers that they may need to navigate, especially at various altitude levels.

For example:

  1. Get Attention: The sales message should get the prospects attention with a message that matters to them.
  2. Hold Interest: The sales message should hold the prospects interest by navigating their world and their challenge with both empathy and curioisty.
  3. Build Momentum: The sales message should help salespeople establish a cadence to co-create value and learn how to solve problems together by helping prospects see the role the vendor company plays in helping them, as a future customer, be successful.
  4. Gain Commitment: The sales message should increase the prospects desire for the vendor’s recommended pathy by gaining commitment to engage with the vendor company. Salespeople who communmicate value are able to establish the pros and cons of solutions in comparison to competitiros.
  5. Take Action: The sales message should encourage the prospect to act. Salespeople need to help prospects understand what they need. There are many variations and options that salespeople will need to configure. Very often, this is later in the sales process

A robust sales ready message program is often the missing piece to driving growth in companies that have more sophisticated products and platforms.

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