Join SES Founder Scott Santucci at the SES Experience Next Week

From Scott:

I’m looking forward to seeing you next week.

It’s been fantastic to watch the growth of this amazing organization.  

From the first meetups in Washington DC; @brian_lambert, Nicole O’Brien, @billballse, @walterbrandfuzion-com, Jen Burns

To the amazing founding meeting in Palm Beach:  Michael Labate, MBA, @sheevaun Dan CilleyDr. Howard DoverRobert M. Peterson, Ph.D.Juliana StancampianoThierry van HerwijnenKurt ShaverMario M. Martinez Jr.Christopher Kingman M.S.….

Finally on to the exciting first conference/experience in Dallas, Gayle CharachTonya H Schultz, Hang Black, Bob BrittonHeather Cole, @or… that crazy lion… 

It’s amazing what an all-volunteer group (remember – no one gets paid from their participation with the SES) has done to: 
– Create reference points to help vendors get funding 
– Create momentum for a role 
– Attract more opinions and discussion for the profession

On top of all of this…. volunteers (did I mention that?) have pivoted and are providing a virtual conference.  

Make sure to get your ticket – if ONLY to help support the only practitioner-led, volunteer-driven organization of its kind.

Then engage and interact… the more you talk to peers, the more you get out of it.  


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