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Ep38 Panel 6: Executive Sponsors – Focusing on Outcomes for Sales Enablement Leaders

Inside Sales Enablement Strategy

Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 38

Ever wonder what executive sponsors talk to about to Senior Leaders? Wonder why Sales Enablement gets funding in some organizations and doesn’t in others? What about the skills and competencies of sales enablement leaders?

In this last panel of our State of Sales Enablement Research, Scott and Brian pull together an amazing panel of the executive sponsors chartering sales enablement functions to hear their take.

On this panel, we have:

  1. Brian King, Managing Director King Consulting prior VP of Sales Enablement at Intercontinental Hotel Group
  2. Sameer Rupani, SVP Sales & Marketing at Solvay
  3. Greg Peelman, VP Operations at EcoLab

To view the research method, visit

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  1. I really enjoyed this session! I am a bit late listening to it, however it still resonated with me.
    Lots of great insights were shared that support (and likely contributed to) the #Ochestrator attributes! 🙂

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