Ep32 Leadership Begins with the Courage to Do Something Different in the Moment

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 32

Fresh off the COVID-19 Series, the guys take a deeper dive on Leadership in a world of VUCA.

Volitility – Lack of consistency

Uncertainty – Impossible to know fully. 

Complexity – A large number of interdependent factors.

Ambiguity – Haziness of reality – impact of many interpretations.

A new way of doing business is going to emerge. The old approach of sales responds to demand, marketing creates demand model isn’t going to work. Because we’re in an experience economy. We believe Sales Enablement leaders can usher in a new world by being heroic.

They guys talk through the Being HEROIC Leadership Framework using a real-life case study example of a project in-flight.

    H (Holistic): Leaders recognize the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

    E (Engineered): Leaders understand how the parts best fit together

    R (Reality): Leaders understand how the human element impacts how the parts behave

    O (Ongoing Operations): Leaders build continuous and sustained improvement

    I (Impactive): Leaders understand how they message to the community of stakeholders will ultimately drive action

    C (Collaboration)Collaboration and inclusiveness are required to drive cohesion in the commercial process

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