Ep36 Panel 4: Sales Enablement L&D Training – Where Does Sales Enablement Go From Here?

Sales Enablement Strategy

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 36

We here at inside sales enablement are dedicated to making sure listeners are successful overcoming the complexities in their own companies so that they can keep more effective in the market.  there are many names used to describe what that, and we’ve been calling it sales enablement for the last 12 years

As a continuation of our State of Sales Enablement panel series, we created a “guest analyst” program. These panelists are super engaged. They are really spending time on the data, and they’re here to share their thoughts on the data.

In this episode, our guest panelists include:

  • Barry Shields, Director, Customer Experience Training & Enablement, Avalara
  • Garth McKinney, L&D Sales Consultant Red Hat
  • David Somers, Director Field Enablement GitLab

To view the research method, visit https://www.OrchestrateSales.com/research/

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