EP59 Laying Foundations: Gaining Executive Buy-in to your SE Charter

Sales Enablement Charter

Laying the foundation is critical to Sales Enablement Orchestrators. Laying the foundation is a foundational step to create the survival kit for an enablement leader. It’s absolutely mandatory for the enablement leader.

In this episode, we’re joined by Tamara Schenk. Tamara talks with us about the blueprint Sales Enablement Orchestrators need to create with all teams and roles that are involved. Laying the foundation requires approval by senior executives so that this is your blueprint you’re going to achieve.

Laying a foundation is not an exercise you do for somebody else, it’s not something you you do for finance or controlling. And it’s definitely not filling out a form. That’s the absolute the last step, when you put all the pieces together. It’s a creative process of creating the blueprint you need in your organization, in your context, where you’re currently at to achieve your goals. You You have to achieve an enablement to meet your company’s sales objectives.

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