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This onboarding course explains the evolution of sales enablement orchestration and the approach to curating content and building community.

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Sales enablement leaders must prove their value to the organization. In today’s business landscape, that means “doing more with less.” Admittedly, doing more, while doing less, is nearly impossible in most sales organizations. We confirmed in the State of Sales Enablement research that the growth apparatus of companies are built for doing more, doing more, doing more, and even doing even more to sales teams and customers. The commercial system in most companies is built for volume, not impact and quality.

Who determines what is important and what is valuable? There are many points of view. But, what if the ultimate “judge and jury” were your company’s customers? In most organizations, “we are customer-centric” is a little more than lip service. That’s why being an Orchestrator is so important. Orchestrating the people, process, technology, and budgets across the growth ecosystem means changing the scope and influence of sponsorship across the organization so that higher-value activities take priority and profitable growth becomes the mandate.

What is Orchestration? How is it related to Sales Enablement? Why was this site created?

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Good questions. Let’s find out in the Orchestrate Sales Onboarding program.  

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