Orchestrate Sales Onboarding

This onboarding course explains the evolution of sales enablement orchestration and the approach to curating content and building community.

Brian Lambert · October 16, 2020
Welcome to OrchestrateSales.com!

We’re glad you’re here.

To thrive in a rapidly changing complex selling dynamic businesses need to be able to bring together the right mix of capabilities across their entire company in order to deliver the value-based results customer expect.

This will only happen through the Strategy of Orchestration. It might seem new to you, but you’ll experience it here on this site, and through your engagement with one another.

What is Orchestration? How is it related to Sales Enablement? Why was this site created?

Why should you care?

Good questions. Let’s find out…  

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Brian Lambert

Brian is the founder of OrchestrateSales.com. He's been a sales leader, salesperson, sales enablement author, consultant, and analyst. You can find out more about him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianlambert

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