Introduction is the #1 destination for the rapidly elevating role for strategic sales enablement. We call it Commercial Enablement, and it is a major step in the direction of this role becoming a VP of Sales Productivity blending execution and strategic Go-to-Market approaches.

The goal is to create an interconnected “ecosystem” designed around supporting the elevation and evolution of your role. We have created this destination to bring together the best thinking, and the most comprehensive course content, research, and insights, to help you. We are creating interactive experiences where you can figure things out as you go, by attending Action Labs, Reality Labs, webinars, and events.

Much of the core concepts and research that form the foundation were formed by Scott Santucci and his work over the past 15 years in the sales enablement space. Considered the be the “Founding Father of Sales Enablement,” Scott is a passionate advocate of elevating the role in some of the largest and well-known companies in the world. Brian and Scott have worked together to make his concepts actionable and accessible to you and hundreds of other leaders who want to become Vice Presidents and General Managers in their companies. Over the past 10 years, Scott and Brian have explored many different aspects of Sales Enablement and how it’s evolved.

We want to share that with you here.

Please review our backgrounds and send us an invite inside the platform here, and on Linked in:

We’ve also created ways for you to connect with other members of insider nation to allow you to engage directly with your peers. We look forward to interacting with you, seeing the engagement across our think tanks, and possibly even having you as a guest on our upcoming shows.

Please reach out to us at any time. You can find us in the member directory.

Here’s to your success,


Scott Santucci + Brian Lambert


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