What is Value?

What is Value?

If you are in sales, the value of something is what someone is willing to pay for it. How do you get the most money for something? You focus on the outcome. Listen to Sales enablement Podcast on audio platforms.

Value – it’s what we discuss in the latest edition of Inside: Sales Enablement. Joining us are two deep thinkers in value.

Brian Lambert and I were already delighted to have Bob Apollo join us to talk about outcome selling… now we have the fantastic opportunity to have Jason Cunliffe a VP at IDC and Ecosystems Services founder Chad Quinn talking about value.

This is our 26th episode-based of our post-COVID research and first to have the CEO of platform company and executive at an industry research firm. This was a big treat for me, and it was a fun episode.

Many organizations are moving to value-based sales engines, often mounting them on top of product-selling chassis. When 4/5s of the company thinks the value is about a product and 1/5 about the importance of an outcome – bad things can happen.

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So… what makes something valuable in the first place?  

In the past, talking about value was somewhat philosophical, but as we move to a more digital economy – it’s more important.

Are customers paying you for all of the new things you can turn on in your platform every week… or, are they paying for what the entirety of our platform enables? 

In this episode we discuss 
– How customers perceive value 
– How co-creating value through conversations is key 
– Why are IDC and Ecosystems partnering? 

Best Sales enablement Podcast

This is an excellent episode. Give it a listen- especially if you are caught between the 1/5 and the 4/5ths of the company.

Sales is simple 
Simple is hard


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