Introduction to this Course

Orchestrating Business Impact Lessons Introduction to this Course

Welcome to this course!

The goal of this course is to provide commercial enablement orchestrators with a broad outline of the enablement space and help you make an impact in a cross-functionally, highly dynamic world. The course explores the different disciplines of enablement and provides you with a professional foundation for adding massive value to the enablement space.

Do you wonder what executives think about enablement? Or, what’s the difference between sales training and commercial enablement? What about sales enablement? Where did it come from? Do you know the enablement domains and how to lead an initiative to make an impact? These are all things that enablement leaders and team members are dealing with on a daily basis and will form the basis of the first part of the course.

  • Communicate the difference between orchestrating and managing initiatives.
  • Position orchestration as a valuable capability.
  • Differentiate the value of being an Orchestrator; from the perspective of your CEO/Executive team.
  • Lead differently into today’s digitally enabled and transforming business world.
  • Clarify the job role profile of a successful Orchestrator.


Download this participant guide to use throughout the course.

This has all the handouts.

DOWNLOAD THE Participant Guide – Orchestrating Business Impact   




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