I am a Sales Enablement Orchestrator.  I am part of the Sales Enablement community working together to solve sales challenges and close the gap between buyers and sellers in my organization.   I often partner with other Orchestrators, as well as corporate enablement teams in marketing, training, operations, and administration to improve sales conversations.  Although I have my own approaches and skills I’ve developed, I can also tap into a community of Orchestrators who follow the same standards and adhere to the same code of conduct I do. 

Code of Conduct

As a professional engaged in sales enablement, I pledge to uphold and abide by the following Code of Conduct at all times:

  1. I will maintain high standards of integrity and professional conduct 

  2. I will accept responsibility for my actions 

  3. I will continually seek to enhance my professional capabilities 

  4. I will practice with fairness and honesty 

  5. I will encourage others in the profession to act in an ethical and professional manner

  6. I will uphold, encourage, coach, and hold myself and others to the teaming principles

Partnering Together

As a sales leader or corporate enablement professional working with me as an Orchestrator, you are entitled to the following:

1. The Right to Information.

  • I will furnish you information about the product or service in a manner that you need.

2. The Right to the Facts.

  • I will provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of the solution(s) we have without exaggeration or withholding.
  • I will advise you on each product and/or service we sell as it relates to your customer’s business requirements, financial capabilities, and usage requirements

3. The Right to Respect.

  • I will uphold my duties of buyer loyalty, obedience, confidentiality, disclosure, accounting, and due care.

4. The Right to Professional Competency & Integrity.

  • I will act in accordance to the Code of Conduct at all times in our relationship.
  • I will do everything I can to help you be successful.

This is my pledge to you as my partner.

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