Routes to Value

Enable Your Champion to Sell Internally On Your Behalf

Your business strategy is about bringing a new idea to your customers. There are many names to describe what we’re talking about Routes to Value here:
Digital transformation
– Business outcome
– Commercial insight

Your business strategy is calling you to execute a few objectives. It’s how your company will grow and compete in the marketplace.

The goals are easy to find:

1) capture more market share OR (more likely)
2) capture more WALLET share within current customers

What do Routes to Value mean to you?

You have to evolve your commercial capabilities to adapt to:

1) Expand your average deal size
2) Sell to new buying centers or levels
3) Co-create economic value, not push products

When you are forced to sell change, you have to be aware of the changes in strategy, approach, process, and technique you are asking of everyone in the commercial process. (customers and your internal support system)

You are asking customers to change.

You have to have the resources to create confidence (both for sales and customers) to change.

You have to equip salespeople to enable change

Routes to Value is an approach to help you drive cohesion among customers, product, marketing, and sales.

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