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Orchestrators Wanted!


Want to be part of where #salesenablement is heading? Watch @scott’s webinar and pick your business prototype path to improve your commercial ratio!

At we have the ONLY post-COVID research about the current state of sales enablement and its trajectory.

Inputs from: 102 surveys, 43 interviews, 6 panels.

Highlights include:
– Sales enablement is rising because GTM models are broken.
– Productitis is the culprit, it affects everything
– Businesses need to deliver a far better value-based buying experience
– To do that, they need a new capability “stratecution”
– Stratecution requires a new competency – the #orchestrator
– Orchestrators run departments like a business-within-a-business.
– There are six (6) prototypes of businesses
– Pick your business prototype path to improve your commercial ratio.

Here is the link to the recorded webcast >>>

We’re hearing great stories of success from companies implementing piece parts of the findings. Share your experience!

Sales is simple.
Simple is hard.
Hard is doable,
When you Orchestrate Sales!

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  1. Hey Erich, quick question on the “six (6) prototypes of businesses”… I assume this is referring to the variations of Enablement (i.e. Response, Talent, Messaging, Organization, Pipeline or Commercial) that Scott covers?

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