No Decision: Customers Don’t Know How To Buy

Enable Your Champion to Sell Internally On Your Behalf

How many of your opportunities are lost to “no decision?” and Customers Don’t Know How To Buy?

If you are like most B2B businesses, that’s your biggest competitor.


Well – the most simple reason is that customers don’t know how to buy.

Well, to be more specific – they don’t know how to buy the change you are selling.

Customer decision-making process

Customers Don't Know How To Buy

To sell you have to:
1) Help the client realize their current state is unsustainable
2) Paint a clear picture of what the future will look like
3) Give them a path for how they will get from now to then.

Where does this fall down?
1) When you don’t have the right champion
2) The internal selling becomes too hard
3) Your champion doesn’t know how to make the ask
4) The dialog focuses more on “product” than “outcome.”

What can you do? because Customers Don’t Know How To Buy

1) Create client-facing material that illuminates the vision
2) Provide tools to help them assess their current state
3) Develop an easy to follow the path to navigate their situation
4) Create a program to allows reps to learn from each other

In order words, create an integrated messaging and training program focused on empowering your salespeople to enable their champions to be successful in accomplishing their business outcomes.

We call this program “Routes to Value“.

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