Master the Middle: 3 Practical Ways


What does “mastering the middle” mean? can you master the middle

1) Middle of the market
“Best practices” generally come modeling either a) the market leader or b) the lowest cost option. If you are not either, you need to compete with a premium customer experience.

2) Middle stages of the pipeline
To own the customer experience, you need to engage at higher altitude levels and earlier in their decision-making lifecycle. To capitalize on this, you must be able to provide those executives with a clear path to value.

3) Salespeople in the middle
Salespeople are stuck in the middle between the various products, services, and capabilities your customers require and the diverse internal obstacles those customers must navigate. To be effective, you must empower your salespeople to enable their contacts to be successful.

Master the Middle: The bottom line

The bottom line: Driving a healthy pipeline required robust orchestration between strategy, discipline, and empowerment. A reliable #salesenablement team provides this orchestration across product, finance, marketing, and sales leadership.

Sales is simple
Simple is hard

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