Digital Disruption is Forcing More Demand Creation

Digital Disruption is Forcing More Demand Creation

What does creating demand of Digital Disruption really mean?

You want your salesforce to:
– Sell to higher levels in the company
– Sell to value, not product
– Sell more to current customers

What is the most efficient and effective way to do that?

Selling to higher-level executives means access to a lot bigger wallets. How big?

C-level budget authority is between 40X and 100X higher than manager level stakeholders.

Check the title of the leads you have. That’s the level your markets are targeting. It also creates a perception with most of your reps about who is the target customer.

To sell effectively at the c-suite, you will need to:

Digital Disruption is simple

Digital Disruption

1) Help that executive envision an outcome for their business
2) Given them the confidence they need to drive that vision

These are great words, but putting them into action can be tricky. Translating all of your capabilities into a vision of economic value that motives an executive to drive change is hard.

Routes to value are an integrated program between product, sales, and marketing to coordinate and focus your messaging to drive executive engagement.

Sales is simple
Simple is hard

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