Communicating to Buyers with Routes To Value: Easy way


Are you Communicating to Buyers with Routes To Value?

To drive cross-selling and really move the needle on your average deal size – your going to have to have your salespeople sell higher.

They will need to engage with the executive where all of the individual budgets for the breadth of products and services roll-up.

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They will have to be able to answer all of these questions – seamlessly – in different degrees of depth over the course of a sales campaign.

Some important questions to Communicating to Buyers with Routes To Value

  • Who? (will you make successful – the wallet owning exec)
  • What? (are you providing – and end state they can envision)
  • Why? (should they do it – the measurable results they seek)
  • Where? (Will the work happen – the stakeholders involved)
  • When? (will the realize results – phased benefit realization)
  • How? (will you do it – the initiative you will help them drive)

These are the types of questions you need to enable your salespeople to be able to answer conversationally (not scripted).

Routes to value begin with transitioning to talking about the specific benefits of your products and communicate the economic impact your business as a whole can provide your client.

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