Commercial Ratio – The Business Value of Orchestration


What is the business value of orchestration?

3X yield.

What does that mean?

A single draft horse can pull a load up to = 8,000 pounds

Two draft horses pulling together can pull a load up to = _______ pounds (see answer below).

The commercial ratio ( helps you illuminate this death by 1000 paper cut problems – and provides a simple way to elevate a complex issue. Why Embrace Commercial Ratio?

A few dysfunctional signs…..
1. A lot of promised efficiency that does not materialize
2. Sales & Marketing going in different directions
3. Overall frustration
4. More and more metrics and inspection
5. Commercial Ratio <1.0

Answer: Two draft horses pulling together can pull a load up to = 24,000 pounds (3x as much).

Today you’d be surprised if you audited just how many different people are making important decisions that impact the success of your salesforce. You are going to be even more astonished at how misaligned they are. This creates a burden, which gets pushed on to your salespeople. In other words, you have many horses all pulling in different directions.

Rethink the approach / Co-create value / Cohesively work together to achieve overall lift across your company.

Shout out to Kunal Mehta from private equity firm TCV for the story. To hear more, you can listen to the replay of our webcast, introducing the commercial ratio.

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