When Customers Are Confused Deals Get Stuck


When Customers Are Confused Deals Get Stuck in pre or post covid?

The middle stages of the pipeline are, by far, the most neglected and represent your most significant opportunity for performance improvement.


When Customers Are Confused Deals Get Stuck

For enterprise deals, there are many things your salespeople will have to navigate. Some of these include:

1) Helping the wallet owner envision the end state outcome
2) Communicating that outcome to peers
3) Identifying the core group that would make it happen
4) Gaining buy-in across the organization
5) Finding funding source(s) to pay for the program

If you are selling something that requires your customer to change, they probably do not know how to buy. While executives are risk-averse, they can be pro-change.

However, most of the business benefits for change relate to streamlining workflows across different functional departments. Employees who base their careers on having specialized skills in those functional areas are incredibly resistant to change.

To succeed, your salespeople need to be empowered to help their champions navigate the internal agreement network.

Without doing this, your proposal will “feel” too hard to accomplish, and your opportunity will stall out into a “no decision”

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