What is Your Company Spending to Support Sales?

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While you are responsible for your budget, other groups are spending money that contributes to your success. What Are Our Companies REALLY Spending to Support Sales?  

The sales department is held accountable for “the number”.  

There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen, however, so how much authority does the sales team have over its success? 

Simply put – the sales force is held accountable for the entire growth number – but there are other factors that go into driving revenue growth.  

Who holds the other groups accountable for their contributions? 

HR for hiring, onboarding, coaching, development? 
Marketing for branding, messaging, packaging, differentiation?

Product for customer education, integrated offerings, deployment approaches?

The truth:- What Are Our Companies REALLY Spending to Support Sales?

Administration for policies, procedures, technology systems that help produce results?

These all add up.  

Unmanaged, it creates burden for the salesforce.  

It’s invisible to the company when you examine each department’s budget.

But – you can illuminate it following a different approach. 

read more about orchestration

When you do the analysis, it will astound your executive committee and you will be in a position to drive change.  


Sales is simple
Simple is hard

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