Is your Go-to-Market model needlessly complicated?


Is your Go-to-Market model needlessly complicated?



For starters, markets don’t write checks; customers do you should be driving a Go-to-Customer strategy.

Here is an example of a Go-to-Market model needlessly complicated.

Go-to-Market model needlessly complicated

Is it really Go-to-Market model needlessly complicated ?

When you go to market, you think first about your products:

How to train salespeople on your products.
How your products compare against other products.
How many salespeople you need to sell given products
What feedback you get about products

What do you do when you realize that the higher you go up in an organization, the less they care about your products, and the more they care about what business outcomes you can help them accomplish?

Most sales organizations are starting that shift to “sell to value” but they are mounting a value-selling engine on top of a product-selling chassis.

When you change your orientation from Go-to-Market to Go-to-Customer….you have to confront productitis. This is a condition where you build everything about you and your products.

This makes your own company the biggest obstacle for growth.

Routes to value are a program to overcome products.
– Make selling to executives easier
– Cross-sell more
– Drive-up the average deal size

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Sales is simple
Simple is hard

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