How Companies are Coping with Productitis

Overcoming Productitis Santucci
Companies are Coping with Productitis

It’s a disease that infects your commercial operations: the more advanced the condition, the less productive your sales and marketing activities.

What if Companies are Coping with Productitis?

Productitis is a condition where your company is so focused on communicating the market value of its products, services, and solutions that it loses sight of its customers.

We are in an economy experiencing high rates of change:
– Moving to subscriptions
Digital transformation
– New ways of working cross-functionally

These changes create a lot of turmoil at the point of sale. Then How Companies are Coping with Productitis?

Your top salespeople have transcended the “you-centric” messaging your company provides. Unfortunately, few inside your company can understand or listen to their feedback, so you spread productitis.

Routes to value allow companies to develop a coordinated, cohesive, and repeatable approach to sales messaging.

Sales is simple
Simple is hard

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