Scott Santucci Video RE: 7th Anniversary of the Sales Enablement Society

Scott Santucci Video 7th Anniversary SES Sales Enablement Society

Last week was the 7th anniversary of the founding meeting that gave birth to the Sales Enablement Society (Revenue Enablement Society).

In November 2016, One hundred professionals converged in Palm Beach, Florida, to participate in a meeting modeled after the Continental Convention of 1776. they are joining together to explore “emergent practices,” which are a problem solving approach for complex challenges (just as “best practices” are suitable for more straightforward issues).

These founding members would take three important positions to place stakes in the ground about the vision of sales enablement.

They were.

1. Sales enablement is a strategic approach to eliminating friction across the commercial process.

2. To accomplish this mission, sales enablement needs to be chartered and run as a business within a business.

3. The aspirational end state of the role is to evolve into a Chief Productivity Officer.

These foundational principles and the discussions arriving there have proven to be prophecies. Today, be it Mckiney, Harvard Business Review, Bain, Garter, Forrester, and any other thought leader – there is a consensus:

1) Revenue growth and simplifying sales are major drivers
2) Businesses must overcome organizational silos
3) productivity is a huge focal point.

Look how well those align with the stated positions of this group.

The 7-minute video will help you:
– envision the overall environment and the experience,
– get you exposed to concepts like “emergent practice.”
– develop new perspectives for envisioning strategic lenses for enablement

Let’s get engagement and see what we can learn from the experience and time going by.

I’m tagging three people I know who were there to get it started. React to the video, share your comments and or reactions to the meeting, and tag just one other person who was there to do the same.

I’d love to hear perspectives from:

Jen Burns
Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D.
Sheevaun Thatcher, CPC

Special thanks to Bob Britton and Erich Starrett for motivating me to assemble something.

Scott Santucci Video 7th Anniversary SES Sales Enablement Society
Scott Santucci Video 7th Anniversary SES Sales Enablement Society
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