What is your Commercial Strategy?

What is your Commercial Strategy?

Welcome to the digital economy. Have you defined your Commercial Strategy?

We’ve been hearing about digital transformation for years, and businesses have been slow to adopt. (And the ones who’ve tried experienced 90% failure rates).

COVID has changed all of that.  

Sales kickoffs are virtual 
Meetings are virtual 
New ways of working are emerging 
Change is constant and seemingly unrelenting 
Silos are being broken down
Disorder seems to be the norm

But they are clear patterns emerging for winning companies.  
A few include:

– Help customers envision what a possible future state looks like by describing them what that world can look like.  

– Move past responding to demand and focusing on creating demand; on a customer by customer level. 

– Create ways to develop deep empathy for the complex internal agreement networks that exist within your clients and model them so you can develop approaches to navigate them more effectively.  

Commercial Strategy Definition

What does this mean for you? 

read about sales enablement

Rethink your go-to-market approach.  
It’s too rigid, slow, and cumbersome of a business model to execute in such a dynamic environment.  

Consider a different approach. 

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