What is Orchestration? The Answer is in the Orb.

Orchestration Sales Enablement Strategy

What is Orchestration?

1) We are now in a digital economy… it is here to stay
2) People are more interconnected than ever before 
3) Customers expect you to “make sense” (connect dots) 
4) Customers get confused when dots are not connected
5) Confused customers do not buy 
6) Connecting dots for customers is called cohesion 
7) Your business is set up in silos; contributing to confusion
8) Your company need an execution fabric to align silos 
9) Sales enablement can evolve to provide this fabric 
10) Enablers must evolve into orchestrators to provide this 

What is orchestration? 

– It’s a holistic approach 
– to connect the dots among (not between) people, process, technology, and information.
– it’s about coordinating the frayed connections
– that exist but are unseen in current operating models 
– due to the interconnectedness of the digital world.

We are going to have an engaging session about this topic and what you can do about it at the upcoming Sales Enablement Society conference (its a pod or breakout session) 

Wed Oct 28th 4:15pm – 5:00pm ET  

Register here


Sales is simple.
Simple is hard.

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