Orchestration: The Future of Sales Enablement

On October 29, 2020 Scott Santucci and Brian Lambert hosted a working session as part of the Sales Enablement Society Annual Conference.

That working session was focused on Sales Enablement Orchestration.

Orchestration is a best practice approach for delivering sales enablement services and outcomes. Orchestrators take a systematic approach to helping commercial business leaders grow the business through improved customer conversations while driving costs out of the commercial eco-system.

Orchestrators build a consistent and simple environment that allows for growth, scale, and change to win more business. There are specific characteristics of Orchestrators, that we published here.

Orchestration Standards

Orchestration is an extremely useful approach for helping you understand and organize your people, process, information, and technology to enable commercial success. Orchestration combines the capabilities of your enablement team with the outcomes of your customers, business practices, and ongoing work while keeping the ideal of commercial growth at the core.

By using appropriate outcome-centric methods and procedures, you can easily implement and facilitate Orchestration to have huge and long-lasting positive effects on your sales and marketing teams. Orchestration helps you and your team ensure outcomes and operations are highly integrated into your enablement processes.

Figure 1: Orchestration

Managing Orchestration Standards

The people managing Orchestration as a standard are:

  • Brian Lambert
  • Brooke Spatz
  • Marianne Drake
  • Jen Burns
  • Erich Starrett

The process for managing Orchestration:

  • Monthly working sessions
  • Quarterly content updates
  • Ongoing peer reviews
  • Regular releases and version control

The technology for managing Orchestration:

  • The website at www.OrchestrateSales.com
    • Ongoing messages and communications
    • Specific workgroup
    • Collaborative working sessions
  • Zoom web conferencing

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