Orchestration Must Happen Holistically

Orchestration Must Happen Holistically

B2B customers want a cohesive commercial experience with Orchestration.

That entails:
1) Helping them to envision a possible outcome 
2) Sharing patterns to help them see where to start 
3) Providing them a path to make what’s possible real
4) Communicating the proof for the possible outcome 

Orchestration in 4 steps

Your salespeople must be able to:
1) Engage executives and be relevant 
2) Have an understanding of how their world works 
3) Be change agents and overcome risk factors 
4) Navigate a complex internal agreement network

So what does that have to do with #salesenablement

It means that you need to connect the dots across: 


People – everyone involved in the communications process 
Process – make sure processes are integrated and aligned 
Technology – simplify the burden and integrate the tools 
Information – organize, share, and create feedback loops.

To be cohesive, all of this work must be done across organization silos. This is called “orchestration,” and it is the emerging role of the post-covid #salesenablement professional.  

Join me and some special guests in my “expert pod” session at the Sales Enablement Society experience, where WILL have an engaging session to make this concept of orchestration more concrete.

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