Creating Shared Experience

Shared Experience

Sales Enablement Society – how does a volunteer organization, without a budget or any full-time employees do amazing things like:

– Having over 60 local chapters to connect  
– in 14 countries over the world
– the largest discussion board in the profession
– of over 8,000 like-minded peers

ALL – totally free!?

It’s all done by the sacrifice and thankless dedication from volunteers like…Current SES board member Bill Ball.

Bill joins Brian Lambert and me on a special edition of the Inside: Sales Enablement podcast.  

Hear amazing stories about how it all works
about the people behind the scenes making it all work
and why you should go to the conference.

That’s right… “the Society” is having its 4th annual conference. That’s amazing …. why? Learn about what it is and how it works.

Listen here…

Also – share some of your pictures from other conferences.  

It’s only $200. You get access to content made by people like you for people like you, and you are supporting a good cause – your profession.  

Sponsors are chipping in… if you are out of work, someone will pay for your spot. This is what society is about. Getting each other’s back.  


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