Markets Don’t Write Checks; Customers Do

Markets Don't Write Checks; Customers Do

“If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading” – Lao Tzu.


To thrive in today’s business climate, you need to compete by providing a better overall commercial experience for your customers.

– Communicate with cohesion 
– Simplify your sales model

There are four patterns you can use to tune your organization to match customer expectations.  

These ‘relationship rhythms’ provide the foundation for resource allocation and the common design point to orchestrate a cohesive customer experience. Member Exclusive Replay Access:
Go-to-Customer: Markets Don’t Write Checks; Customers Do

Your company is organized by products 
into specialty departments
staffed by specialists 
each incentivized to create more things.

What happens?  
You have many, many people creating lots of detailed things that are not aligned or coordinated. 

The results? 
Information overload at the point of sale creates a burden for your salespeople and a poor experience for your customers.  

The diagnosis?
Your company suffers from productitis – a disease that negatively impacts your commercial system. In highly complex and dynamic markets, the condition can be fatal.  

The antidote? 
Modernize your approach to commercial execution by blending strategy and execution into a “go-to-customer” approach.  

read more about sales enablement

The capability you will need to develop? 
You will need to create an ‘execution fabric’ that you can lay across existing silos that creates simplicity for salespeople and cohesion for customers. Orchestration is required to create this ‘fabric’.  

The wellness plan? 
Develop a holistic commercial approach called a go-to-customer strategy. 

Sales is simple
Simple is hard

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