Exploring Enablement in Covid Times: 5 best points to consider

Exploring Enablement in Covid Times: 5 best points to consider

What a trip did you explored Enablement in Covid Times.

It started in March with our panel of experts Dr. Howard Dover, Kunal Mehta, Lindsay Gore asking curious questions about the impact of COVID on business, and thus – #salesenablement

102 enablement practiconers completed a tough open-ended survey 

“Deputized” 43 seasoned sales enablement leaders we respect to give us analysis on the survey results.

Published panels from 6 different cohorts of experts to be transparent with our findings. 

Co-created “the commerical ratio” with TCV (a private equity firm) which has been rolled out to 57 companies.

Published 33 podcast episodes all focused on enablement topics post COVID

We’ve worked on several engagements, rolling up our sleeves to help address these problems. 

What did we do for Enablement in Covid Times?

Conducted 112 one on one conversations 

Presented 5 keynote quality webinars covering topics like:

1) The state of sales enablement 
2) The broken pipeline 
3) What the commercial ratio is and what it means? 
4) Getting traction with better messaging 
5) Understanding the commercial expense 

Tomorrow, we are wrapping up our webcast series. We will be sharing our framework for driving success in the new economy. 

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