Evolution of the Profession: What are YOU working on?

Break Down Silos

In anticipation of Scott Santucci ‘s Expert Pod in the Founders Room session at 4:15/EST at SES Exp 2020, I thought I’d get the ball rolling in the SES Experience Circle (Forums).

If you STILL haven’t signed up yet, DO SO ASAP! Well worth every penny of the $200. The networking and knowledge are absolutely priceless. Even mid-show!

Sure, Scott authored an original definition of Sales Enablement ten years ago at Gartner.  This is 2020.  We are way beyond “what is the definition of.”  

In 2020 the question that defines us is simply this:  What are we working on?

And what a perfect time / place to ask.  At SES EXPERIENCE 2020: Forward Momentum for a New Decade.  

Where Sales Enablement is at a Crossroads:

  1. We are now in a digital economy… it is here to stay
  2. People are more interconnected than ever before 
  3. Customers expect you to “make sense” (to connect the dots) — they want a cohesive commercial experience.
  4. Customers get confused when dots are not connected
  5. Confused customers do not buy 
  6. Connecting dots for customers is called cohesion 
  7. Your business is set up in silos; contributing to confusion
  8. Your company need an execution fabric to align silos
  9. Sales enablement can evolve to provide this fabric
  10. Enablers must evolve into orchestrators to provide this

What is an #Orchestrator? People who lead boldly in simplifying the selling system.  Their goal is a cohesive, frictionless Customer Commercial Experience.
A majority of Sales Enablement practitioners today are still stuck in a rut of facilitating “off the shelf” activities and “fixing” salespeople. They haven’t yet begun Orchestrating turn-key services that sales leaders understand, and other groups can plug into and scale to help the entire organization be successful. 

  • Response Enablement

Good news.  There are multiple Domains of Enablement where your peers ARE, in fact elevating the profession.  Chartering and Orchestrating an effective Business-Within-a-Business. 

So …what are YOU working on?  

Which domain of the  Enablement landscape do you currently call home?  

Where do you want to go next?

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  1. Fantastic – music to my ears! Thanks for sharing this post – I’ve been referred to as the “maestro” so I relate to your orchestra sales motif. My graphic looks a tad different than yours, but we align in our thinking. Your post made me smile. Thank you!