Are you a Business Enablement Mercenary or Missionary?

Business Enablement

Business enablement Mercenary or Missionary, what do I mean?

Are you an activity-driven “doer just to earn a dime” or an outcome-driven #Orchestrator working to elevate your company/profession?

Analyzing to justify or synthesizing to simplify?

Marching in with a megaphone or gently approaching “in the present” with a curious, collaborative, listening ear?

“It’s all about ME” …or “it’s all about WE?”

Forcing adherence, or leading by example?

Just do what you are told …or find a way to make “it” happen?

Are you a Business Enablement Mercenary or Missionary: the truth

At we are on a mission to mould missionaries, not mercenaries.

Enablement missionaries – LEADERS who bend over backward – to effectively translate plans into action, integrate cross-functional workgroups and activate people to collaboratively achieve outcomes TOGETHER.

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Shout out to @brian_lambert for spending time with me to tinker, and to @sheevaun for keeping me on the rails




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