Companies Are Organized In Silos But Customers Don’t Care: 6 Important points

Companies Are Organized In Silos But Customers Don't Care: 6 Important points

“If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
-Loa Tzu

Companies Are Organized In Silos But Customers Don’t Care

1) We are now firmly in a digital economy 
(How many of your business practices are still analog?) 

2) A cohesive experience drives value in a digital economy 
(Would you ever use Uber if they pitched you on all of the structure behind it?)

3) Your company is set up in silos that don’t communicate
(You treat revenue problems in silos, which creates more uncoordinated stuff. Focus instead on making the customer’s commercial experience cohesive?) 

4) You cannot create cohesion without orchestration 
(Making things relevant for customers requires empathy and situational fluency; your firm’s heavy “product-first” mentality products and your stuff makes this challenging) 

5) Orchestrators are change agents
(To execute, you need to shift from a go-to-market focus to a go-to customer lens. This is going to be hard because most in your company are infected with productitis) 

6) Change agents need a sponsor 
(Get a sponsor who sees the need to shift and can help create the curiously required to simplify your commercial system and the buffer you need from getting pounded by the status quo) 

what is sales enablement?

Sales is simple
Simple is hard


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