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The team is a big supporter of the Best Sales Enablement Society. In the 2017 Letter to the Members, Scott Santucci posted his view on what a group of volunteers can do when they work together towards a common goal.

Sales Enablement as a term may be relatively new, and we’re certainly bumping into more and more people who identify themselves a Sales Enablement professionals or leaders. The profession has had fantastic growth, and when you read Scott’s letter — the Society has had incredible growth since 2017.

Find Sales Enablement Society for engagement

One of the critical aspects of creating an exceptional member experience is to foster engagement between members. The Society’s Member Engagement Team engages with new members and helps create many opportunities to talk with people. When they spoke to us here at Growth Matters, we found there are a variety of different themes.

We wanted to provide a synthesis of the themes they shared:

Question: Why are people joining the Sales Enablement Society?

People join because they want to foster professionalism in the sales enablement profession.

  • It’s a real profession to most members of The Society — not just a job title, not only a job description. It’s now their life’s work.

To contribute to the quality, scope, and impact of the sales enablement profession.

  • They’re joining to give, not just to get. People are looking for genuine ways to make a lasting impact

To stimulate the appropriate global application of the sales enablement profession for the benefit of businesses and the economy (heck, even the general public).

  • There are people in The Society who firmly believe their work impacts wallets, lives, and contributes to positive outcomes.
  • They talk a lot about driving revenue and improving sales productivity in their national and chapter meetings. It’s important to note there is also meaning in their quest, and they’re living out their meaning in community with like-minded people.

To contribute to and create the global, leading, and recognized forum for the exchange of ideas, applications, and solutions to the sales enablement profession.

  • Most members are interested and involved in tackling root cause problems in their sales enablement roles. As a result, people share. They don’t demand answers. They’re curious, and they’re genuinely looking for inputs from others who may (or may not) agree with them.

To identify and promote the fundamentals of the sales enablement profession.

  • Members want to advance a codified “body of knowledge” for sales enablement globally. This “body of knowledge” may sound galactic. Still, to most members of The Society, this is a real desire, and it’s doable (and creates sustained professional standing).

To collaborate with universities, vendors, and other corporate entities to encourage appropriate education and career development at all levels of sales enablement.

  • Most members of The Society realize there are new people in the profession, and there are those who have studied aspects of Sales Enablement at the Ph.D. level. Others have learned in the “school of hard knocks” and those who are expert practitioners. They value rigor, and they applaud application. They want to help SE pros become even MORE successful in their careers.

To provide a guiding influence in academic and industrial research in the field of sales enablement.

  • Sales and marketing professors are hanging out in conference rooms, events, the buffet, the pool (and yes, even the bar) with members of The Society — especially at the Annual Meeting in Sales Enablement Society.

To seek and foster international cooperation and contacts with other organizations, both public and private, which relate to the sales enablement profession.

  • Society members seek to collaborate on matters of common interest and benefit to other members. As a result, members of The Society are inclusive, and they’re global (the sun never sets on the SE Society 🙂 These are great reasons to consider the Sales Enablement Society.

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