Overcome Productitis to Develop Cohesive Messaging 5 Ways


How to Overcome Productitis to Develop Cohesive Messaging?

What would the impact be to your overall performance if you could increase your average deal size by:


It would be game-changing, wouldn’t it?

You would:
– Be able to reduce costs by hiring fewer people
– Have a higher percentage of salespeople at quota
– Get to spend more time on quality and less on activity

So how do you Overcome Productitis to Develop Cohesive Messaging?

1) Develop a vision you are taking your customers
2) Identify the economic value your customers will realize
3) Focus attention on the adult wallet owner responsible
4) Give that executive-buyer a path to get there
5) Equip your salespeople with the tools to guide them

It’s that simple.
But, simple is hard.


All of your content and concepts your salespeople are provided with are based on the market value and price point of individual products. The benefit to an executive-level buyer is very different. If you can show how the breadth of products and services you have helped them realize a business outcome – that result is more valuable than what you charge for the piece parts.

How do you do it?
You have to overcome productitis to develop cohesive messaging.

We call this “Routes to Value.

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