Commercial Ratio Spend: What Is Your Spend Per Sales Rep

Using the Commercial Ratio to Drive Sales and Marketing

How much are you spending to support your salesforce and what is your Commercial Ratio Spend per year?

When you account for all of the collateral, training, tools, people involved – you are spending a staggering amount of money to support each of your salespeople.

Because so many different people in our company are authorized to spend their budgets to “do things to help sales,” you get an avalanche of “random acts of enablement” bombarding our salesforce and customers. More is NOT better.

This is one of the reasons my company is working with private equity firms to promote the use of the commercial ratio as critical metrics for sales and marketing performance.

Commercial Ratio Spend in 2021

Commercial Ratio Spend

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It’s essential our community understand this metric, and now is the time to work together to make this concept more clear and actionable.

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