Latest Episode of OSC’s Inside Sales Enablement

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Latest Episode of OSC's Inside Sales Enablement
ISE Season 3 - Enablement History with Erich Starrett

Welcome to‘s Inside Sales Enablement Season 3 Enablement History. Where we hop in the Enablement Time machine and explore the past, present, and future of the elevation of a profession.

On ISEs3 Ep15 host Erich Starrett is joined in the Orchestrate Sales studios by new friend Danny Wasserman, whom he finally met F2F at Corporate Visions Emblaze #DigitalNow24 in early April. Danny has done game-changing tours of Enablement duty at top logos including Databricks, Gong! and Tableau.

Q: So how *DOES* #RevenueEnablement gain a seat at the table in “the room where it happens?

And what does THAT have to do with peanut butter, sausage, and Shake Shack?

A: (in part) “whether it’s in sales. Or whether it’s in CS or it’s in enablement, you cannot trivialize or overstate the importance of the intersection between hospitality and the world of business.”

Dive in with me and Danny to talk Strategy, Technology, Human Connection, and…


⌛️ Danny was onboarded at Tableau at about employee 2k. The IPO had just recently happened, and his first “real” taste of enablement was onboarding with “the truly incomparable” Sarah Bedwell

⌛️ Joining Enablement at after a sales spiff started a bit of a riff. “I was fortunate enough to be within the cocoon of Mother Goose (Nate) Vogel.”

⌛️ “My dirty little secret is that I’m an enablement? Dude. You couldn’t have captured the essence of how I felt about being a former seller who had sort of taken a bite of the forbidden fruit.”

⌛️ Frank Slootman boldly came out and said, why am I going to put all of the customer success on one person?

⌛️ Nate recruited Danny to re-join Enablement forces at DataBricks.


💼 “If I’m not fighting that hard for my cabinet seat with whatever executive I’m trying to maintain my position with, there’s a dozen people behind me that will absolutely eat my lunch.”

💼 Per Danny Meyer – American restaurateur and a guiding voice in Danny’s career: In addition to IQ, do you have what he calls HQ: hospitality quotient?

💼 “Genuinely what enablement provides is service. And I think if you feel that passionately, if you feel that authentically and genuinely, the beneficiaries of what it is that you’re providing will also sense that …you will not allow or tolerate yourself to serve a mediocre product.”


🤖 Kyle Healy, who’s the SVP of Enablement at a insurance company “When we think about AI’s place in our profession, do you want to embrace that technology like Iron Man, or do you want to attempt to resist it like Terminator?”

🤖 Potential impacts of AI and technological advancements on the enablement profession

🤖 Necessity to adapt and integrate new technologies while preserving the human element

🤖 Ongoing collaboration and learning opportunities in enablement practices

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