Latest Episode of OSC’s Inside Sales Enablement

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Latest Episode of OSC's Inside Sales Enablement

Tim Riesterer – From Sales Enablement Origins to Orchestrating the Future of Revenue:

On Episode 7, host Erich Starrett hops in the OSC Studios time machine with Tim Riesterer – Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Visions + Chief Visionary, Emblaze.

Tim shares his wealth of experience in sales enablement, spanning from the early days of automated RFPs and proposals to the evolution of the sales enablement function. He discusses the origins of sales enablement, its role in bridging marketing and sales, and its potential for strategic impact in the future. Tim also provides insights into the organizational hierarchy of enablement and its relationship to strategy, as well as the future of digital selling and the upcoming Digital Now Revenue Summit. Join us as we delve into the history, current landscape, and future possibilities of sales enablement with one of its foremost experts.

Tim and Erich talk all things sales enablement, the evolution of the industry, the future of Revenue Enablement, and even share a few sips 🥂of Tim’s unique Enablement 🍾 Champage. Key takeaways:

> The Evolution of Sales Enablement: Tim shared his journey in the sales enablement space, from the early days of creating automated RFPs and proposals to the current landscape of integrated digital selling experiences. The industry has come a long way, and the future holds even greater strategic potential.

> Where Enabling Growth meets SCIENCE!: Tim discussed the concept of orchestrating science-backed “growth plays” as the future banner for enablement, emphasizing the importance of leveraging data, original research and strategic initiatives to drive sustainable impact and compelling customer experiences.

> Synergy of the CSO/CRO: Tim intentionally architected his role as Chief Strategy Officer for direct access to strategic levers across silos. This allows for adaptability across nearly everything – enablement, marketing, research, product development – from original research to front line sales execution.

> Save the date for the upcoming summit in Chicagoland from April 2nd to 4th! An opportunity to meet Tim and SO MANY other thought leaders face-to-face. Click below for discounted access to the 2024 digitalnow Revenue Growth Summit in association with‘s ISEs3 podcast. Hosted by Emblaze, powered by Corporate Visions, bringing together sales, marketing, and success leaders to address the challenges and opportunities of digital selling.

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